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Shell artist
Thursday 24th November, Cape Town International Airport.
A friend gave me a shell with a view of Table Mountain painted on the inside. It's unique and I love it. My Mum really loves it. The artist turned out to be a friend of a friend who works on his art between long shifts at the airport. His name is Abu and I was keen to ask him to participate in Wearelucky because I admired his skill and dedication to his art. My friend set up a meeting at the airport and Abu's boss gave him few minutes break so we went upstairs for a cool drink. When I asked him to participate, Abu initially looked stunned, but he was very grateful and eager to learn more. Abu is a very smart man and reeled off a load of questions about Wearelucky and the ideology behind it.
I took some photographs and Abu loved being the centre of attention, especially as many of his co-workers were watching. I'm not sure what he's planning to spend the money on, but I hope at least some of it goes towards helping with his artistic endeavours.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
I've decided to get a computer and do more research on art and work out how it can help me to raise an income. It has always been my dream to create an art piece that will be identified as my work. Thanks to Wearelucky I can focus more on my art work.
2. What were the reasons driving that decision?
I feel I was given an opportunity not just for myself but also for others.
3. What are you hoping it will achieve?
To liberate myself and explore my art to the fullest. I have spent money on myself in the past and I don’t believe that every experience was a good one. To live in a world where someone unknown to me gave to me without questioning.....wow! I hope to take this good energy and make it work for others as well. This is truly inspirational.
4. Did you feel lucky or responsible?
This is for me the most important question. Even though I have received without being asked to give in return, the responsibility is still very great.