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Tennis coach
Friday 11th November 2011, Mount Nelson, Cape Town.
Barkie had played on the ATP Challenger Tour and was obviously a good coach. He is smart, encouraging you to rely on instinct. My game improved dramatically over the course of just a few lessons. Barkie is a talker and during a break he told me about his foundation. He runs motivational courses for school kids, inspiring them to articulate their goals and helping to develop the requisite skills. It sounded great and I immediately thought of WAL.
I slept on it and before our next lesson I withdrew the cash. When I explained what I wanted to do Barkie initially looked stunned, but said that it was a moment that he'd remember for ever. We talked at length about WAL and Barkie said that he'd like to introduce me to a few other people in the local community. Perhaps they'd be worthy benefactors? I realised that this was removing the random element, but I decided to follow my gut on this one. And it was beautiful.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with WAL?
I always wanted to do something like this and could not believe I was on the receiving end.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
I invested the money in my programs for the youth. It can change lives.
3. Is it important to get something back and why?
No, it's important to give unconditionally. What we get back is the joy of giving.
4. How did the people close to you react when you told them about taking part in Wearelucky?
Because I joke around a lot, they thought I was kidding. When I showed them the money they were amazed.
5. What are your overall thoughts and feelings towards Wearelucky?
I think it’s so refreshing and a lesson to humanity. A formula that could change how the world looks at giving.

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