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Happy Cabbie
Wednesday, 20th June 2012, Morpeth Arms, London.
I said 'goodbye' to Tess and headed back to the pub. Chilli had already arrived and was halfway through a detailed account of his working day. Earlier in the day, he'd enthusiastically embraced the task of choosing a Lucky Person and presenting a Wearelucky invite (the first time I'd designated the responsibility). Chilli had driven away from the St Pancras Hotel with a thumbs up and a cheery 'BE LUCKY!', but despite his best efforts to find a worthy recipient, not one of his passengers had fitted the bill. He was uncharacteristically downbeat about it, but promised to keep trying. Looking back, I reckon Chilli's passengers had zero chance of squeezing a single word between his cabbie banter, but there you go.
Of course Chilli hadn't let me down. In a way, I was glad that someone else had experienced how difficult it can be to find a 'good' person and deal with the various emotions surrounding the process. I was hugely grateful for his effort and resolve, so I made a gut decision, always trust your gut and gave Chilli his own Wearelucky invitation.
Chilli was jubilant and thoroughly revelled in the photo shoot. Someone told me he was a child model (many moons ago!) and he's certainly not shy when it comes to striking a pose. He has a fun and friendly manner that instantly puts people at ease, a quality I very much admire. I'm also quite envious of his big shiny cab, a London icon and something I was keen to feature in each of the photos.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
My first thoughts were of shock! Why would anybody give me money? There is the saying, 'There's no such thing as a free lunch', but the more I found out about the project, the more I believed in it.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
At the moment I have not decided what to do with the money. I am fortunate enough that family and friends are in comfortable positions. I am holding on to the money until I find something that is deserving of the project.
3. Has Wearelucky challenged the way you think about giving?
Yes it has. In the last few years I have raised money for some big charities by doing sponsored events such as marathons, bike rides and triathlons but without considering precisely where the money ends up. With Wearelucky I will be more aware of who will benefit.
4. Did you feel lucky or responsible?
At first I thought I was lucky. It's not everyday someone gives you a Thousand Pounds. But as time went by I felt more responsible and respectful of what Wearelucky stands for.
5. What are your overall thoughts regarding Wearelucky?
I have never heard of anything like this before. I am honoured to be apart of this amazing project.

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