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Tuesday 27th December 2011, Oxhey, Hertforshire.
Dave is unusually talented and extremely clever. He has ploughed his own furrow in life but his cards haven't always fallen kindly. I met him in the Railway (where I always meet him) and he immediately left to smoke one of his licorice roll-ups. Dave is in the Railway every evening, leaving only briefly for either a fag or a quick pint in the Vic. He is known as 'Dave with the papers' because he always has the newspapers with him. The locals use Dave as a news digest and rather than read the newspapers themselves they rely on Dave for a synopsis of daily events.
I asked Dave to take part in Wearelucky and he demanded to see the money (I think he was half-joking). We drank larger and talked excitedly about what he had planned for the cash, but the next day he told me that he was finding the decision difficult to deal with. A few days later Dave sent me an email explaining that he didn't want to be part of Wearelucky. He'd decided to return the money.
Dave is shy and I could understand his reservations about appearing on the website and revealing his plans for the money, but I was desperate for Dave to take part and after some gentle-ish persuasion he eventually agreed. Rather more reluctantly than the first time round.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
I think I've come to a decision, in two parts. I'll be investing in some much needed t-shirt printing equipment and also setting up a standing order to make monthly contributions from the profits. I'm still deciding between two deserving causes. Thereby, over time, 'regifting' the original 1000 pounds and more.
2. What were the reasons driving that decision?
I think it's in keeping with the spirit of the project.
3. What, if anything, have you learned from this experience and has it changed how you feel about giving?
I have learned that I'm not a naturally altruistic person. I thought about spending the money on myself and changed my mind a number of times. Anything that makes people think more about giving is a good concept.