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Friday 11th November 2011, Cape Flats, Cape Town.
Giving money away in Cape Town is a tricky business with the potential for disastrous consequences. 10,000 rand is a lot and could put certain people in danger of theft or attack. I felt a responsibility to find people who could cope with that amount of money and not be adversely affected by it. On the other hand, I didn't want WAL to embrace some kind of nomination process. The last thing I wanted was people pestering me to give them or their friends the money. But perhaps I needed Barkie's help with this one. In for a penny......
Barkie had suggested 7 names and we decided to blitz it. It took me 4 cards, 12 transactions and 30 minutes to get all the money from the hole in the wall. We then neatly folded the cash into 7 separate envelopes and set off in Barkie's old VW Beetle, chatting excitedly over the roar of the broken exhaust.
Emily didn't know we were coming. She's a single mum and works 4 hours a day in a small office at the back of a factory that makes and mends machine parts. The noise and the smell reminded me of my uncle Kevin's garage. I went in, told her about WAL and gave her the money. Just like that. Emily held back the tears as we hugged and it was a wonderful and emotional experience.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
Thank the Lord. Ecstatic, relief, amazement. Is this a joke?
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
I gave half of it to somebody that I knew needed it as much as I did. With the other half I gave a few different people some money, bought food for some and used some for myself and family.
3. What were the reasons driving that decision?
My wish is to be blessed so that I can bless other people. To bring relief to somebody else.
4. What does 'good' mean to you?
Honest, kind-hearted, caring.
5. Is it better to make a small impact on a big problem or a big impact on a small problem?
Small impact on a big problem. Even if it is a small impact, it might be the start to greater things.
6. Did you think about spending all the money on yourself?
Yes I did, but my conscience did not allow it. The burden was too heavy.
7. What question would you like to ask Wearelucky?
How will you feel when all the money is gone?