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Squirrel saviour
Wednesday 20th June 2012, Vauxhall, London.
In all this excitement, I'd forgotten to eat so I punched 'lucky food' into Google and randomly clicked on one of the options. 20 minutes later our cab pulled up outside Lucky Seven Diner in Westbourne Park Road and we piled in for burgers and a nice bottle of red.
I started to relax and took my time polishing off the meal and booze. It was turning into another fun and satisfying day. The staff in the restaurant kindly agreed to take care of the invite while I tweeted the next picture clue and set off in search of another taxi to take us south of the river. I thought it would take a while for someone to solve the clue, but just a couple of minutes later a very excited Lucky Person was on the line.
Flora had been on the case all day. Earlier that morning he'd bummed a cigarette off me while I was photographing Edward outside the St Pancras Hotel. Flora had solved the first puzzle but arrived just a few seconds too late to claim the envelope. He then followed the trail to Charing Cross, but narrowly lost out to Hannah. After that, he saw my tweet to 'Go West' and cut through Hyde Park, but stopped to help a squirrel that was being attacked by a dog. He cradled the animal, phoned for help and waited an hour for the RSPCA to turn up. Convinced he'd missed out on another Wearelucky invite, he checked his phone again just as a new picture clue popped up. A surge of adrenaline...he recognised the location! Flora jumped back on his bike and rode like a maniac to Lucky Seven where, at last, he was able to claim the prize.
We arranged to meet at Vauxhall Bus Station where Flora recounted the day's events and showed me a few snaps of the squirrel. He didn't know if the little fella would make it. He then told me a desperately sad story about his girlfriend who was working on something called The Miracle Agency before she tragically passed away. It seems that her project had many similarities with Wearelucky and Flora was sure that she had somehow helped to guide him and discover the invite that day. A truly wonderful and emotional episode.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
I became aware of the project through social media and it resonated with me for a number of reasons.....the spirit of the project, the tone of voice, the aesthetic. When I finally got to meet you properly in Vauxhall, I felt elated.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
So, here is how I am going to invest my One Thousand pounds:
A. I collaborate with a charity called CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).
Some of the money will go towards helping me help them.
The Calm Zone
B. I will make a donation to the RSPCA for rescuing the Squirrel and, in doing so, timing my next move perfectly!
C. I am supporting a charity called Families Without Fear.
The Families Without Fear Project
D. Both my parents' birthdays are coming up, so I will get them a present!
E. Finally, I am setting up a business and this fund will help support me while the business (hopefully!) becomes profitable.
3. What were the reasons driving that decision and what are you hoping it will achieve?
I think life is all about sharing. I hope to be helpful, supportive and, ultimately, loving.
4. Do you feel that being involved is important to the giving process?
Not necessarily. I think anonymity and distance can also work.
5. Why do you think we feel good about doing something for others?
It makes us feel connected. It is what keeps us alive and well.
"When you feel helpless, help someone." - Aung San Suu Kyi

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