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Mr Minturn
Tuesday 24th January 2012, Minturn, Colorado.
Minturn's Turntable Diner is another level. Decked out with Elvis and Marilyn paraphernalia, Betty Boop posters, Art Deco, football memorabilia and an astounding array of Americana. It's overwhelming and tacky and very beautiful. We must have taken a hundred photos before we were eventually seated. From our table I could see Floyd through the serving hatch behind the bar. Floyd is a chef and he wears a proper chef's hat, but he also brought the food to our table because our original waiter (who looked alarmingly similar to Lurch from The Addams Family) had decided to ignore us.
Floyd is a very charming and charismatic dude and I immediately warmed to him, even though he advised us to blow our calorie quota for the next 2 weeks on the churros, which were served up frozen. Not to worry, we were absolutely full anyhow. I mentioned this to Lurch as we paid the bill, but word got back to Floyd and he rushed out of the kitchen and asked us to wait for just a couple of minutes. He was clearly upset that we hadn't enjoyed our dream desert and he soon reappeared from the kitchen with a takeaway box bulging with a double dose of churros, smothered in whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and goodness knows what else.
A couple of days later I dropped off an invitation at the diner, but I didn’t hear a dicky-bird from Floyd. At this point the Wearelucky website wasn't up and running and it was sometimes difficult to convince people that this whole project wasn't some kind of scam. I eventually managed to speak to Floyd on the phone and he agreed to participate. Whoohoo! He was arranging a huge Valentine's Day dinner for the seniors of Minturn (compete with an Elvis impersonator - natch) and he asked us if we would like to help serve. Wonderful!
However, on the eve of the event Floyd called to say that his boss had freaked out about Wearelucky and claimed the money for herself. Apparently she had some heavy gambling debts and wasn't to be trusted. She had instructed Floyd to go ahead with the meal, but was making sure that she took all the credit. I was fuming and told him that I wanted to come down to the diner and speak to the mad witch. What made her think she could do that? But Floyd stayed very cool and convinced me that there was no point in stressing. He said that if I worried and tried to control every shitty thing then I wouldn't have time for the good stuff. And I think Floyd's right because that's how I'm starting to feel about Wearelucky. It is what it is.
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