Fred & Jaymee
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Wednesday 14th September, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
I asked Fred and Jaymee to take part in Wearelucky over dinner in a sushi restaurant off Long Street in Cape Town. They seemed intrigued by the idea but asked for some time to think it through. So we hooked up a few days later and hiked along some pretty treacherous clifftop trails from Plettenberg Bay out to a nature reserve in Robberg, where we planned to spend the night in a small hut. I'd only brought 2 bottles of wine, but luckily Fred had also brought a bottle and some beer so we were well prepared.
Just after we lit the braai we noticed some lights darting across the rocks out towards the sea. They stopped at the ocean and after a short pause, turned and started moving quickly towards us. The nature reserve was closed for the night and we were meant to be the only campers. Rangers, maybe? The lights were getting closer and a mild panic set in. The girls ran up the hill to hide by the long-drop toilet while Freddie took his spade in hand like a weapon and handed me a knife. We stood on the porch like in an old western and I shouted a friendly "Hello". Nothing back. Suddenly 3 guys with rifles came into view. Except the rifles turned out to be fishing rods. Poachers, not bandits. Lucky, as I'm not sure how long my cheese knife would have held them off.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
We were on the beach a few months ago when suddenly we heard a woman screaming for help because she believed a young girl had drowned. We ran over to the lagoon where the child lay apparently lifeless and suddenly an NSRI volunteer arrived and began applying mouth to mouth. Miraculously, the child was revived and rushed to the hospital. This made us realise how vital this organization is to the local community; they've saved many lives this year. We want to donate the money to them because they rely on unpaid volunteers. We also feel inspired to offer our own services. This donation will go far.
2. Is it important to get something back and why?
A lot of people would say "No", but I think everyone wants to feel that they've made some kind of difference. We want to experience that gratification. We want to know that someone appreciates our efforts and that they would do the same for others.
3. How did you feel having your photographs taken?
Strange in a way, because it's not our own money that we're giving away. However it still felt good to be part of the project.