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Wednesday 20th June 2012, Soho, London.
Three Lucky People before we'd even thought about lunch. Time for a pint and and perhaps a moment to digest the morning's work. I'm not really sure why it is but each encounter saps a huge amount of emotional energy and doing several in a row makes my head spin. Ideally, I like to sit back and contemplate each interaction, but I don't usually get the chance during the Twitter treasure hunt.
And so that it panned out, because before I could even put my lips to my ice cold pint, I received a call from the next Lucky Person. Hannah had discovered the invite at Claire de Rouen Books a great deal faster than I had anticipated. In fact, it tuns out that a whole bunch of Wearelucky followers had found the shop and rushed up the stairs to introduce themselves to Lucky Lucy, but Hannah was first past the finishing post.
Hannah isn't really a nurse. As we strolled around Soho Square she explained that she had left her home town of Lincoln to become an actress and was having a fair amount of success finding roles. But mostly as a nurse. In fact, she reckons that she'd played so many nurses, she was starting to feel and think like one. I've gotta say, as I was snapping away, I couldn't imagine her as anything else. Have a look at the pics. What do you think?
Hannah had been following the Twitter treasure hunt all morning and her pal had covered at the office while she skipped out in search of an invite. Hannah said she'd give some of the money to her friend and donate the rest to charity...and she mentioned The Peace Hospice in South West Hertfordshire. This is the same place that another Lucky Person, Therese, pledged to help and is also the place where my dad received treatment when he was dying 16 years ago. Of all the charities I would definitely have given the money to myself....well, The Peace Hospice is right up there. For two Lucky People to pledge their support to what is a relatively small and obscure organisation has completely blown my mind. I'm not a religious person, but sometimes I cant help thinking that someone or something is lending a hand in all this.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
I was one of the less organic Lucky People having found the clue in a bookshop. I'd been following Twitter in the morning and went to find the invitation as I knew the shop was quite close to my work. It was an enormous shock when I realised I was actually the first person there. I was elated at the thought that I would actually be able to follow up on the ideas I had for the project. I guess that day I made my own luck because I knew I had 'good' plans for the money.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
I'm taking part in two events for charity. The first is the Starlight Walk for The Peace Hospice and the second is the Cancer Research Race for Life. I set myself targets for how much I'd like to raise for each cause but despite my best efforts, I've struggled to get people to sponsor me. I decided to donate some of the money to these two charities so I've managed to beat both my fundraising targets! I also donated a small amount to UK Uncut, as they're raising funds to cover the costs of their legal action against HMRC. The rest of the money I'm sharing out between people close to me who have really helped me out in the past.
3. What were the reasons driving that decision and what are you hoping it will achieve?
I don't normally have the means to give to charity so I decided instead to give my time by taking part in the events. I was really disappointed when I hadn't raised much money so I was so glad I could give my donations a boost! UK Uncut's legal action is something I feel very strongly about. Finally, growing up, my family were sometimes a bit skint, but my mum always maintained that we should spend the little we did have on doing things together. I have so many priceless memories of things I've done with my parents and I've carried this with me into adulthood. Whilst I'm still pretty skint I'd much rather use what I have to give those close to me special moments that we can share.
4. What does 'good' mean to you?
Something that will benefit others or make a positive change to a situation. Being compassionate and considerate to others before even considering yourself.
5. Do you feel that being involved is important to the giving process?
Definitely, because your involvement is your reward. To see that you made someone happy because of something you had a hand in is the best feeling of all.
6. Did you feel lucky or responsible?
At first I felt extremely responsible. I think because of how I found the invitation, I had a responsibility to really make sure I did something worthwhile with it. Having met some of the people who turned up at the bookshop moments after me, they all seemed like lovely people who probably had just as worthwhile intentions. If anything I had a responsibility to them to do something brilliant with the chance I'd been given. It wasn't until I started to give out the money that I realised how lucky I was. Firstly, the money I gave to charity made me realise how lucky we all are to be happy and healthy. The rest of the money I used sort of as a way to say thank you to people who had really helped me, not necessarily financially but in their support or friendship. It became very clear to me how they had helped me without any intention of ever getting anything back in return and for that reason I felt really lucky to have those people in my life.
7. How did the people close to you react when you told them about taking part in We Are Lucky?
My friends were really shocked. My best mate gave me numerous high fives. My mum was a little more dubious and went to great lengths to research the project and my dad even became an overnight Twitter aficionado to make sure I wasn't being scammed. After reading through the website they quickly realised what an amazing project I was going to be involved with.
8. What are your overall thoughts and feelings regarding Wearelucky?
It's a wonderful project that really promotes altruism, something we can all learn more about. I'm so grateful to have been involved in this project, I can't wait to tell my kids (when I have them!) about the mysterious millionaire who changed the world one good deed at a time!