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Wednesday 18th April 2012, another random pub, London.
I'd arranged to take some photographs of a previous Lucky Person and we jumped in a cab up to Tottenham Court Road. I was buzzing from the pub/Twitter/Lucy experience and wanted to try it again, so after taking a few snaps of Sahra, we cut across to a bar in Goodge Street, ordered a round of beers and tweeted our location.
I'd hardly put the glass to my lips before Joe crashed through the door. He appeared out of breath and explained that he'd been trying to catch up with us since Waterloo. I admired his dedication, but just as I slipped an envelope in his direction, 4 or 5 bodies hurtled towards us. This Twitter thing was getting out of control and I panicked.
I managed to shepherd Joe out of the door and left my pals to deal with the growing mob of Twitter treasure hunters. We searched for an interesting spot to take some pics and I was keen to get the Post Office Tower in the background. As a kid, my dad had brought me and my brothers into town just to see it – there was a big deal about it being the tallest building in London. Dad had promised that he'd take up to the revolving restaurant, but we never made it up. I didn't really nail the shots I wanted either.
Joe told me about his condition – cardiomyopathy – and his photography project involving fellow sufferers. He plans to use the money to put on an exhibition and raise awareness. Great stuff. Just as we were finishing up, my mate caught up with us and said that it was time to move on, so I shook hands with Joe and wished him the best of luck. I didn't notice the female figure shadowing us as we walked back along Goodge Street.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?.
I just thought it was some kind of joke. I couldn't believe it, even when I had the money in my hands. Maybe it's because my mom raised me with a negative attitude towards the chance of these things happening.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
I have decided to spend half of the money on some new equipment for my work and the rest will be put towards my exhibition with the Cardiomyopathy Association. I hope this will be an equal balance of me using the money to help others and also help me achieve my ambitions to be a documentary photographer.
3. What are your overall thoughts on Wearelucky?
I honestly can't believe what you guys are doing and it still hasn't sunk in. The fact I was one of the Lucky People is an amazing feeling. I don't think its the fact that someone has given you a grand that is shocking, as I think that a grand isn't a life changing amount of money, for me it was the fact that someone would go out of there way to do something like this

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