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Saturday 3rd March 2012, London.
I'd been getting a lot of begging letters and requests for money via Twitter and Facebook. Looking back, perhaps I didn't explain the project as well as I could have done. Then again, I suppose I was making it all up as I went along and sometimes even I didn't stick to the rules. The only thing I was totally adamant about was that there must be a random element to all encounters. A slice of luck. Bumping into a dear old friend and team-mate was good enough for me....
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
A mixture of discomfort and joy. I am uncomfortable taking money without having worked for it, yet simultaneously delighted that I can put this money to immediate good use.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
The entire amount has been passed to my sister, who will be using it to obtain suitable accommodation for her and her 3-year-old son.
3. What were the reasons driving that decision?
My sister is a single mum who receives no support. She struggles with two jobs, working as a part-time receptionist during the week, and looking after mentally disabled children at the weekend.
4. Has it changed the way you think about giving?
I have always tried to give, not necessarily in grand gestures, but rather in small and consistent ways
5. Did you think about spending the money on yourself and what difference the money might make to your life?
No. I have adequate food and shelter, and although I enjoy spending money, be it on travel, gadgets or clothes, I really have no need.
6. Is it important to get something back and why?
What we get back is the feeling of doing the right thing. It's good for the soul.
7. Has Wearelucky inspired you and if so how?
It has made me feel humble and put my own anxieties into perspective.

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