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Wednesday 18th April, Parliament Square, London.
I met up with a couple of friends in a book shop near Piccadilly Circus. They were supposed to help me plan the day by suggesting interesting locations, but the best they could come up with was a list of pubs. It was definitely pub weather. Before we left the shop I flicked to the 'L' section of a dictionary and placed an invite on the 'lucky' page. I tweeted a photo and we left, but that invite still hasn't been claimed. I think the staff must have binned it.
We wandered in the general direction of Big Ben, desperate to spot a good deed. As we turned in Parliament Square I bumped into a fella bending down to pick up a crisp packet. I stopped to chat and and suddenly found myself telling Kirk all about Wearelucky. I suppose I was looking for my first buzz of the day because I quickly asked him to take part. He seemed perplexed – I'm not great at this cold-calling – and even when Kirk had the cash in his hands he still didn't really seem to believe it. I took some snaps of Kirk and he said he planned to send some money back to his family in Jamaica...and then go shopping with the rest. I was just happy to get off the mark. So relieved, in fact, that I forgot to give Kirk a Q&A.
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