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Web Maestro
Wednesday 29th February 2012, Shoreditch, London.
Kris designed and built the Wearelucky website with a whole heap of energy and enthusiasm. During the process we often found ourselves in different parts of the world and we encountered the usual issues that arise when trying to communicate complex ideas by email or phone. But Kris always remained passionate about the project and I think he makes a deserving Lucky Person.
I hope he approaches this part of the project with that same passion. He's unassuming, friendly and very smart so I think he'll do something pretty cool with the money. I'm now around half-way through Wearelucky and I'm keener than ever to see the money put to good use. I don't particularly mind where it goes, I just don't want to see it wasted. Maybe it's because we have a baby on the way...a thousand pounds is a lot of nappies. I think I can trust Kris.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
One of my best friends had a break-in a couple of years back and all his equipment was stolen, far more than a grands worth. Due to a technicality the insurance swine refused to pay out, so he has been working as a waiter ever since. Essentially he was very, very unlucky, so I thought he'd be perfect for Wearelucky.
2. What does good mean to you?
You just know. People who are being shit know they are, deep inside.
3. Is it important to get something back and why?
If you mean a good feeling, yes, but that's what it's all about. There's an argument that it's impossible to give selflessly, you can't help feeling good.
4. Did you feel lucky or responsible?
5. How did the people close to you react when you told them about Wearelucky?
"Give it to me!"