Lucky Linda
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Good egg
Wednesday 20th June 2012, Vauxhall, London.
Type 'Lucky in Vauxhall' into Google and up pops Lucky Fish Bar.
I was still full from the burger and fries at Lucky Seven, but this place sounded perfect for the Twitter treasure hunt. It reminded me of the local takeaway I loved so much as a kid. I always favoured The Corner Plaice over Frydays, not just because of the superior pun, but because they sold incredible pickled eggs. I asked the smiley lady behind the counter if she'd mind helping me out by looking after a Wearelucky invite and she cheerfully agreed. One of the things I've learned from this little project is that I'm pretty good at picking up on the positive energy that good/nice people seem to emit. It's there in their body language, the way they talk and certainly in their smiles. To encounter someone for a relatively short time but have a rock solid belief in their virtue is a strange and wonderful thing. And I was feeling it here.
I asked Linda to be the next Lucky Person and she seemed to grasp the concept almost immediately. Often when I hand over the cash there is a short period of confusion and perhaps even suspicion, but this encounter was quite beautiful and we both got pretty emotional. She told me her customers call her 'Lucky Linda', but recently she'd been struggling with the shop as her husband was battling lymphoma (the illness that killed my father) and most of the takings went towards new medication from Japan. Linda planned to put the Wearelucky cash towards her husband's treatment too.
Then, as Linda was enjoying her slice of good fortune and posing for a few snaps, a grumpy looking punter (who had witnessed the whole exchange) demanded a grand for herself and went into some spiel about why she should be the next Lucky Person. I explained that wasn't how it worked, but she suggested that I should at least buy her dinner. That sort of pissed me off, but it didn't take the shine off a wonderful encounter. Linda said I'm always welcome back for free fish 'n' chips and I think I might just take her up on that one day. Especially if she chucks in a free pickled egg.
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