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Sunday 4th March 2012, Penarth, South Wales.
Maggie is an impressive woman. Tall and elegant with a strong Aussie accent despite having lived in Penarth for a long time. She is passionate about many things and one of those people that will do everything they can to make something happen. I love people like that. She's involved in a project to rejuvenate the derelict pier in Penarth and – against the odds – Maggie and the team have managed to secure enough funding to proceed. Doers make the world go round.
I've bought art from Maggie in the past and she's always been incredibly helpful, even offering to hang the work herself. I popped into her gallery on a weekend trip to Penarth and I couldn't stop myself from inviting her to take part in Wearelucky. Happily, she agreed and we arranged to meet at the pier. I thought it would make a good backdrop for the photos. Despite having once worked in the fashion industry, Maggie hated having her picture taken and her moody dog, Mollie, was more interested in giving me a guided tour of the building work, than sitting for a portrait. But I think I did ok.
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
I was very uncertain about what it meant and wondered if it had something to do with beginning some new business.
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
It represents the future because I want to use it in Australia. After meeting a Koori artist who wanted to improve conditions for members of his North Queensland tribe, I volunteered to help raise money. The plan is to convert a derelict building into an arts centre. This money will help us get there.
3. Is it better to make a small impact on a big problem or a big impact on a small problem?
I'm never sure. I think my position would be to try to have a big impact on both big and small problems! But that's very ambitious.
4. Has it changed the way you think about giving?
Not really, because I'd love to be able to do the same. I do think this kind of generosity has great impact because it disempowers greed.
5. Did you think about spending the money on yourself and what difference the money might make to your life?
I wouldn't like to spend the money on myself because it would lose its significance, its magical side.
6. Do you feel that being involved is important to the giving process?
Well if the donor stays involved it's much better because it bonds people together, expanding goodwill.
7. Did you feel lucky or responsible?
Responsible and pleased to be trusted to do something worthwhile.
8. What question should I be asking you and what would you like to ask Wearelucky?
I'd like to ask if this is the first time in your life that you've thought about doing something like this and what did you want to become when you were a child?

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