Patrick & Alex
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Wednesday 21st September 2011, Watford.
I met Pat and Alex for breakfast and we went walking in the woods with our cameras. The trees had turned into a million different colours and the sun was incredibly bright for November. The smell of the woods reminded me of camping and messing about there as a kid, making fires and learning to smoke.
I had the camera on the wrong setting for most of the shoot but otherwise it went pretty well. Pat loved having his picture taken and Alex was excited to have some good shots of them together since Pat refuses to marry her.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
We have decided to give the money to an organization called Earthworks. It's a Hertfordshire based project for people with learning disabilities or mental health issues. The project gives these individuals work experience and informal training in horticulture, ecology and conservation, small-scale construction, wood work and crafts. It's very eco friendly. It's set on a beautiful site but on the day we went to visit, we were told that the main part of the building – where 90% of the equipment was stored – had been targeted by arsonists and burned to the ground. It was the second time that Earthworks had been affected in that way and we immediately agreed that we should use Wearelucky to help.
2. Has it changed the way you think about giving?
It made me realise that I am very protective of my own resources. It's lovely to give to people and it makes you feel good, but it is much easier to give when it is not your money. Much harder when you have to sacrifice your own. But then again...I am lucky! At least I have the choice.
3. Has Wearelucky inspired you and if so how?
I wish that it had inspired me to give, but I don’t think it did. What a horrible to say! It actually made me realise that I'm lucky enough to have the time and facilities to follow my dreams. I've made contact with a local swimming pool because I want to start to a synchronized swimming club and now I'm looking for a coach. No idea if people will join, but at least I am giving it a go!

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