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Monday 6th February 2012, Vail, Colorado.
Rochelle is an obstetrician. She is super friendly, knowledgeable and very comforting. With a pumpkin on the vine (as they say), N and I were seeing quite a lot of her and we grew to really enjoy the visits. I left Rochelle an invitation to Wearelucky and she responded with a beautiful email explaining exactly what she planned to do. BOOM! The first time an invite had worked without having to follow up with a long explanation.
A week later, Rochelle joined us for dinner with her gorgeous family. I'd spent most of the day preparing a Spaghetti Bolognese, but I was sweating over the results. N and I were having a debate/row over whether or not to put the cream in, as the recipe suggested. I was a 'no' and N was very much in favour and the 'discussion' raged on until the doorbell rang. I rushed to greet out guests, glad to have got my way (for once). A few minutes later, as I opened the fridge to grab some beers I noticed an empty cream carton and a big smile on N's face.
We had a terrific evening and after our guests had left I reflected on how Wearelucky has introduced me to so many wonderful people from all over the world. People that I may not have taken the time to really get to know without the impetus provided by Wearelucky. That fulfilment is what I'm getting out of the project and I vowed to make more of an effort to really engage in the future. Even without the crutch of Wearelucky to lean on.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
I gave the money to my son's teacher. She is a divorced mother of three young children and has changed my son's life in such a positve way. I hope it will achieve some relief to the financial stress that I know she feels on a daily basis. I wanted to say "Thank You" for all that she gives of herself every day.
2. What does good mean to you?
'Good' has a personal definition. For me, I try to treat others in the way I would expect to be treated myself and not because I feel that I deserve something in return.
3. Did you think about spending the money on yourself and what difference the money might make to your life?
Yes. Given my current financial situation, I wanted to take a small portion, just enough to share an evening with my children without the strain of the cost. But in the end I have more potential to make decisions in my life that will result in financial stability. What I don't have are many chances to give away a gift like 1,000 pounds. So, I gave it all away.
4. Is it important to get something back and why?
No it is not. Because the act of giving and treating people with respect is a gift in itself.
5. How did the people close to you react when you told them about taking part in Wearelucky?
Most people were suspicious, but became amazed and excited once they realised it was for real. I felt like there may be a few who were resentful that the gift was not given to them.

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