Ross and Polly
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Happy people
Tuesday 30th August 2011, Cornwall.
Ross and Polly had known about Wearelucky from the start, but still seemed surprised when I asked them to participate. We were staying in Cornwall: walking, eating and drinking. At first, I couldn't tell whether they were pleased or felt burdened by the request, but the more they discussed it, the more energised they both seemed to become.
Ross hates not to smile in photographs so it was amusing to watch his face contort as he battled to stifle a grin. He says, "Photos tell something about someones can't capture mine unless Im smiling."
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
We want to help raise awareness of the frustrations linked to infertility. People find it difficult to talk about and so much embarrassment inevitably ensues. There's a need for a bigger and better support network during a tough and furiously frustrating time.
2. What were the reasons driving that decision?
Guess!!! We've been through a couple of years of this but were fortunate that a number of friends and family had encountered similar problems – so we had a ready-made support network to rely on. Also, both of us were happy to talk openly about the struggle to conceive. In this instance, the old adage ‘A problem shared….’ couldn’t be more true. Given the stigma attached to infertility, people aren’t always willing to open up – even to family or close friends – and this means they become isolated. It's a medical condition, not something to feel embarrassed about.
3. Do you feel that being personally involved is important to the giving process?
Human energy can be just as vital as the money itself. In this case awareness is key, so being involved ourselves is arguably more important.

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