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Animal lover
Wednesday 20th June 2012, Vauxhall, London.
I stepped outside Lucky Fish Bar straight into the path of the onrushing Rhys. He'd been following the Twitter treasure hunt on his phone and caught the latest picture clue while travelling on a local bus. Luckily for him he was just a short sprint away. Seconds later three more would-be Lucky People rocked up and despite their own disappointment, were soon congratulating Rhys on his good fortune.
We beat a hasty retreat to an adjacent park before the crowd swelled. I sometimes get overwhelmed and a bit edgy when the Lucky People encounters occur in swift succession and I was slightly perturbed that I hadn't had the opportunity to soak up the previous episode with Lucky Linda. If I do another Twitter treasure hunt, I'll definitely make the clues a lot harder. I fired off a few snaps and listened as Rhys explained his dilemma between donating to an animal charity and paying next month's rent, but I was anxious to move on to another part of town and take stock. Edward...Lucy....Noelia...Hannah...Flora...Lucky Linda; I wanted the opportunity to digest and enjoy each scenario. Just a couple more clicks and I was away, back across the river and into the nearest pub.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
I'm still working it out, but I want to do something with animals. I initially planned to supply toys and food to the RSPCA or Battersea Dogs & Cats Home but it seems they don't accept gifts of food. Perhaps a cash donation is the best route.
2. What does 'good' mean to you?
Helping others when they need it. Improving a situation rather than just ignoring it.
3. Has Wearelucky challenged the way you think about giving?
It's made me remember that giving comes in many forms and doesn't have to cost money. Smiling at people and saying 'hello' to strangers costs nothing and can really brighten their day. It's much more common where I come from in New Zealand, but it's easy to slip into the habit of not doing it in London.
4. How did the people close to you react when you told them about Wearelucky?
I've really only told my wife and a close friend. My wife was quite sceptical, thinking there must be something dodgy about it. It's not 'the norm' to encourage others to do good in this way!
5. What are your overall thoughts and feelings regarding Wearelucky?
I feel inspired and amazed!