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Oasis of calm
Saturday 7th April 2012, Ikea, Wembley.
I started twitching as we rounded the North Circular and approached my blue and yellow nightmare. Not only was it a Saturday, but it was Easter Saturday and Ikea was fucking mobbed. The fluorescent lighting vibrated at a frequency in direct conflict with my own and spun me into a foul mood. We needed to buy a whole house full of gear and had come to the conclusion that Ikea was the answer. It's cheap and cheerful, right? Well, it's cheap at least...
First we hit the cafe. One advantage of having a pregnant wife is she's always hungry – suits me down to the ground. But all too soon it was time to face the trolley challenge and – charged up on coffee and lemon tarts – take out my frustration on each and every trolley travelling the wrong way round the one way system.
Past millions of people sitting on beds/turning on taps/opening cupboards and through to the sofa section. As far as I could work out, they were all the same...just different colours. I wanted an ivory one. I asked an assistant and he said that 'ivory' had been discontinued. We went through a long, long list of alternatives until it eventually transpired that the 'ivory' sofa did still exist, albeit under a different moniker. We then had a fifteen minute, three-way conversation/discussion/argument about whether 'ivory' was the same as 'white'.
Precisely two seconds before I totally lost it, Sahra arrived like an oasis of calm and suddenly everything was alright. She sorted it all with a ridiculously beautiful smile and I was so relived that I even bought an extra sofa and splashed out on delivery. Sahra had been an absolute star. The perfect Lucky Person.
Questions & Answers
1. What have you decided to do with the money?
I wanted to give it to my parents to help them out financially but they refused to accept it. They thought the money should go towards my masters degree which I have been saving for. I think that's where the money will go.
2. Did you feel lucky or responsible?
Both. I felt that this money had to go towards a worthwhile cause and I hope I have done just that.
3. Why do you think we feel good about doing something for others?
Knowing that you have helped someone or have had a positive impact is wonderful. It might not be truly altruistic but this positive feeling will motivate a lot of people. Me included.
4. What are your overall thoughts and feelings with regards to Wearelucky?
The idea of handing over responsibility is a different way of giving something more than just money alone. The website is an interesting way of see how different people have responded to the same opportunity.

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