Scott & Marlinette
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Happy Newlyweds
Tuesday 15th November 2011, Cape Town.
Marlinette and Scott are very active in the local community, devoting their time to helping children from difficult backgrounds. I am always inspired by people who work hard all week but still give up their spare time for others. Invariably, they'll say how much they enjoy it and that they're the ones to really benefit. They're describing an incredible symbiotic relationship: win/win. When I was working I was always trying to do deals where both parties won, but I'm not sure if it's exactly the same thing.
I have thought about this a lot in respect of WAL and the fact that I am getting so much back from giving the money away. In some ways the project is designed for me to get the maximum back for the amount I give and initially I was concerned with that. Is it OK to want something back? Is it OK to feel good about doing something good? Well, 'yes' and 'yes', I reckon. WAL works by introducing a middleman into the good deed, so on top of the recipients and myself making on the deal, a third party gets to feel lucky (for receiving the gift) and hopefully to fell good about themselves for passing that good luck on. Win/win/win......right?
Questions & Answers
1. What were your first thoughts and feelings when propositioned with Wearelucky?
A little uncertain at first but eager to find out more
2. What have you decided to do with the money?
To donate it to James House in aid of the Isibindi Community Project.
3. What are you hoping it will achieve?
We are hoping to make a difference to the lives of young people in a disadvantaged community and to help give them hope and a future.
4. Did you think about spending the money on yourself and what difference the money might make to your life?
5. Is it important to get something back and why?
Yes. Testimonies can change lives.
6. What are your overall thoughts and feelings towards WAL?
It is excellent! Wearelucky has the ability to address specific needs that other charities might miss. The project should be adopted globally!

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